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Basic Online Marketing Package

A complete Search Engine Optimization package. Sign up now and you will receive:

  • Google, Yahoo & Bing
    Weekly manual submission to the top search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing. Once the site is optimized to meet the search engines' requirements, your site's top pages will be submitted manually.
  • Directory Listings:
    As part of our submission plan, your site's top pages will be submitted to Several directory listings that should help direct traffic to your site.
  • Search Engine Optimization:
    We evaluate your site by analyzing it through the eyes of the search engines, and making the necessary adjustments accordingly to ensure the site is properly set to be analyzed by the search engines. Such adjustments include:
  • Custom Meta Data (title, description & keywords) for the 5 most important pages of your website, designed to increase your visibility for your main products or services on the search engines.
  • A customized Keyword Density Report that describes how to increase the search engine value of the copy of your most important website pages.
  • Keywords evaluation:
    We ensure the most relevant keywords are implemented on the site and the quality and popularity of a keyword, as well as its proper abundance on the site powers its popularity among search engines
  • Search Engine Ranking & Competitor Comparison:
    This search engine ranking report shows how you and your three main competitors stack up on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Site Traffic Report:
    Every Monday, your site's traffic report is updated to report the most recent activity, as well as the entire activity over the course of the submissions' process. The report contains details about the nature of traffic, source of traffic, frequency, pages visited and more.
  • * Banner Links on site (Available for a LIMITED TIME!):
    Now, and for a limited time, we will feature your site in our sponsored links, business categories and center page banner Ads at no additional cost! This is a limited time offer

* Not included in Startup Price

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