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About CommunityUSA

CommunityUSA represents the next evolution in social technology & shopping media.

Combining the experience of Netdor Corporation, and powered by the ShoppingTechnology® commerce engine; CommunityUSA delivers all of the components demanded by social Internet users. The missing component shared by all other participants is the ability for members to conduct commerce within the framework of the social web. Research demonstrates there is a demand for this service and CommunityUSA is the first to deliver.

CommunityUSA allows visitors to connect with others and shop at a single location. This feature is particularly attractive to the nature of niche interests. Niches or communities revolve around very distinct areas of interests. Traditionally, niches or communities have been poorly served by search engines as well as social communication outlets.

The problem with search engines and search results pages is content dilution or underrepresentation. Daily, individuals work to affect search results by optimizing results to the potential detriment of the best qualified content provider as well as the consumer searching for information. The CommunityUSA thesis is that by organizing around specific interests, we fulfill the consumer’s interest by delivering narrow specific detailed information the first time and every time information is requested. However, CommunityUSA accomplishes more. As key interest product collections are available for perusal within the CommunityUSA framework, the need for secondary searching and filtering of search results is eliminated. CommunityUSA delivers efficiency to consumers, community members and community merchants alike. Within CommunityUSA the need to look elsewhere is eliminated.

What dynamics are driving the growth of social networks? It is the ability of users to organize around narrow interests of large numbers of likeminded participants. Additionally, members are able to concentrically and organically expand and evolve the community. However, the nexus of the community, the central focus and unity does not stray far from the core topic

The power and growth of Social Networks is expected to continue forward as the recognized leader extending content on the internet. Communication and social interaction is the foundation of Social Networking web sites. Community is the fabric that holds these diverse networks together. Social Networks grow and extend virally, that is to say, interest is passed from person without the intervention of a set piece organization. Many of the current Social Network sites, however, become limited in that they typically engage members on a single aspect such as video exchange, blogging or photo sharing.

Community extends the development of niche communities by harnessing the focus and power of the ShoppingTechnology® commerce platform. ShoppingTechnology® is the first and ony Social Networking platform capable of combining all areas of social interest and presenting members with an impressive array of tools and features. Another element missing from existing Social Network web sites is the ability of select members offer, display and sell products to community members and visitors. ShoppingTechnology® is alone in the effort to cure this defect by offering end to end ecommerce to web site owners along with the advantage of viral marketing by interested members. Only ShoppingTechnology® represents a new class of Social Networks that provides a seamless integration of social communication and niche market ecommerce. The “By Invitation Only” method offered by ShoppingTechnology® is unique and innovative and is poised to deliver unsurpassed growth.

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